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Pet-Friendly Pontoons

Barletta believes that your pet is a part of the family, so we've built pet-friendly features into each boat.

Paws Aboard

Pet-Friendly Features In Every Barletta

Integrated Pet Dishes

Gone are the days of tripping over food and water bowls sitting in the walkways of your pontoon boat. EVERY Barletta Pontoon Boat is built with STANDARD integrated pet dishes at the base of the helm allowing easy access for you and your furry family members. The pet dishes can be removed easily for cleaning.

Doggie DockView

Standard on all Barletta Lusso, Corsa, and Cabrio pontoon boats, Doggie DockView (patent-pending) is a color-coordinated, "see-through" hard plastic screen on both the bow and port gates. Serving a dual purpose, as the captain you'll have great visibility when coming into to dock your boat. As part of the crew, our vertically-challenged furry family members will have a great view to the outside world!

Scratch/Tear Resistant Marine Vinyl*

All of the vinyl materials used on Barletta Pontoon Boats are scratch and tear resistant. So, not only do you get to enjoy the comfort of the seats and lounges, but you can share with your pets!

* The marine vinyl used by Barletta is scratch/tear resistant, not scratch/tear proof...scratches and tears are not a warrantable item, unless determined to be a manufacturers defect.

Shady Places for Lazy Days

Not only does every Barletta come with a over-sized power bimini to provide shade for you and your entire family, but we've also built some functionality into our furniture to benefit your pets looking to escape the hot sun. The stow-a-way table in the port bow lounge can also double as an additional "canopy" for your pets!

Space to Spread Out

While the favorite spot for a pet to post up is most likely on your lap, no matter what size they are, sometimes we all need just a little space to call our own. Barletta Pontoon Boat floorplans are designed to not only make the most out of every inch, but also provide comfort and convenience. There's plenty of space inside the rails for spreading out - but the large, over-sized aft deck is also perfect to find a little quiet time for personal reflection!

Pet-Friendly Ladder

NNew for 2023 Corsa and Lusso models is the Easy-Climb Ladder. When deployed, the shape of the ladder and the depth of the steps are designed for your pet's comfort and stable foothold. With five steps and a whopping 47 inches of length, athletic pups can enter the boat with ease.

Pet Friendly

Never Leave Your Pet Behind

Here at Barletta we know how important fur babies are because we are pet people ourselves. Watch and learn about the pet-friendly features built into each boat.

Join the Barletta Family

Boating With Your Pet Has Never Been So Easy

Pet-friendly features are a part of the Barletta DNA. Every boat built is equipped to make your furry friend comfortable on the water.


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